Hightail it for canine fitness

“Fitness” has become a catchphrase that covers just about everything to do with physical and mental health. For dogs the focus is on three important areas – diet, exercise and play. Animals with a good weight, strong cardiovascular system, well-trained musculature and a clear head live happy and healthy lives well into old age.

A healthy diet is a good foundation

To cut down on calories, you can give your pet “light” feed. This contains dietary fibre to get the digestion process going. A balanced diet is also essential for dogs. Alongside a high-quality feed, you can also mix in some yoghurt and chopped vegetables every once in a while. Healthy snacks which care for teeth are allowed, but don’t forget to deduct these from the daily feed ration!

Exercise and play burn calories

Dogs have a natural desire to be active and demand play from owners on their own. This is a good starting point to begin a new exercise programme. Alongside the usual games that you can now play more often outside like fetch, chasing scents and jumping over obstacles, you can also lure your pet to the park with sporty toys such as Frisbees. Choose something that your dog likes from the wide range available. Start slow and don’t rush things, as this is more likely to do harm than good to your four-legged friend. The advantage of increased activity is that your dog both burns calories and strengthens important muscle groups, and with it their musculoskeletal system. Intelligent games are perfect for inside. Challenge your four-legged friend’s grey matter by hiding treats in balls, under containers or in drawers.

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