Hightail it for feline fitness

Many people make a variety of good New Year’s resolutions such as improving their fitness, and some make them for their dog or cat. The experts from Maxi Zoo offer some tips to help animal lovers help their pets.

“Fitness” has become a catchphrase that covers just about everything to do with physical and mental health. For cats the focus is on three important areas – diet, https://maxizoo.ie/games-to-beat-cat-boredom/exercise and play. Animals with a good weight, strong cardiovascular system, well-trained musculature and a clear head live happy and healthy lives well into old age.

A healthy diet is a good foundation

House cats in particular tend towards being slightly overweight. Make sure to give your animal the correct amount of food and avoid spoiling them with too many calorie-rich treats. In the wild, cats can only get their teeth into what they can first catch. To cut down on calories, you can also give your pet “light” feed. This contains dietary fibre to get the digestion process going. A balanced diet is also essential for dogs. Alongside a high-quality feed, you can also mix in some yoghurt and chopped vegetables every once in a while. Healthy snacks which care for teeth are allowed, but don’t forget to deduct these from the daily feed ration!

As hunting creatures, cats are likewise active by nature, but they also enjoy lazing around and watching the world go by. Cats have to be tempted to exercise with games. They usually enjoy attention, especially when this includes a real-looking play mouse or ball at the end of a string. If you can get them interested, the pounds can melt away. We recommend that your always tidy toys away, otherwise your cat will eventually lose interest. You can also hide food in rolling containers for a bit of variety when two-legged friends are out of the house.


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