Hooray for the snow! …fun and games in pure white splendour

Most dogs love the snow. Boring their noses deep in the glorious flakes, running, playing, catching snowballs – what could possibly be more fun in the winter? With our great game ideas you and your pet can enjoy the snow-covered winter world even more by exercising your dog to the full while at the same time strengthening the bond between you.

But first

If your dog is one who likes to eat snow, it’s best to pass up on the snowball throwing. It’ll just motivate you four-legged friend to eat even more of it. Take a handful of treats with you instead. Find an area covered in powdery (clean!) snow and “sink” the food in it. On the command “Find!” your dog can dig away after the morsels to its heart’s content. Nose work exercises a dog to the full, tires him out and keeps the spirits up and diverts your canine pal from stuffing himself with too much snow and catching a stomach lining infection.

Bury your bow-wow’s toy

Alternatively, you could bury his favourite toy in a big pile of snow. Fido will certainly have huge fun uncovering it again. You could also build a ball run. On a slope of firm snow, dig yourself a track for a ball and let him roll it around from top to bottom. You can vary the game by letting your dog try to catch the ball on its way down. Or you can let get him to take the ball only when it has rolled down the run, that’s a great way to teach him obedience and it simultaneously strengthens his frustration tolerance.

Walking in the snow

Walking in the snow is also great fun at this time of year. Your pet will have even more to sniff around for as the territory markings of his canine peers are now covered in snow, as it were. Always provide a bit of variety. This makes your dog attentive and guarantees that he always has his eye on you as it could be that something else exciting could happen any time. Here’s how you do it: As you’re out walking, simply let your scarf or a glove drop in the snow. Then it’s up to your dog to find it and bring it to you. Great, when it works Fido brings the warmer then you swap it for a tasty reward. Alternatively, you can also let the bag of treats fall or a dummy, if you’re using one. Rest assured that your dog will root it out. And will find winter time just as much fun, if not more so!
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