Fitness for both two & four legged friends

Many a pet owner quite consciously chooses a dog as a pet because they are getting fit along with it while others come to it later: exercising together with their four-legged friends not only trains stamina and fitness… it’s also fun. As well as the classic dog training sports, mainly new, unusual types of sport are increasingly gaining followers. The experts from Maxi Zoo give a short overview:

Agility has been around for some time and is offered by many dog clubs. This discipline is in principle suited to all sporting dogs. The animal, together with its owner, runs through an obstacle course demonstrating its intelligence and agility in the process. It’s all done against the clock where the dog has to negotiate hurdles, tyres, plank-walks and see-saws as quickly and as fault-free as possible.

Mobility is related to agility. However, the course is taken more slowly as it doesn’t depend on speed but on the dog mastering the exercise correctly and with concentration. Mobility is well suited to beginner teams. There are often unknown obstacles and surfaces.

Degility has been in existence for a few years now as a related form of agility: the creatively designed courses with no sports equipment are more of an invitation to adventure and activity and are also suitable for dogs which are not as fit or sporting as they used to be.

Frisbee or disc dogging is the perfect sport for all dogs who like catching an airborne ball. Instead of throwing a ball, a special dog Frisbee is spun high through the air which the animal retrieves. This generates the most amazing jumps according to the throwing technique. You can do this during a normal walk as well as in competitions.

Dog dancing is still relatively new. It offers movement and fun for both dog and owner. Masters or mistresses rehearse a choreographed piece to music together with their dogs. Whether they go for a fast or slow rhythm is decided by the owners themselves according to the fitness and temperament of their four legged friend. In this dog sport, things depend heavily on the relationship between man and animal, as both move synchronously. Experienced dog dancers incorporate impressive artistry into their performances.

Flyball is a type of sport in which individuals or teams can compete. Only the dog is active here: they activate a flyball machine with the touch of a paw and have to catch the ejected ball. First they have to overcome four obstacles to get to the ball ejector. The victors are the dogs who fulfil their task the fastest. It’s very important with all types of dog sports that you first consult a vet as to whether your dog can cope with the stress of sport and if it is even suited for it. For dogs with joint problems or particularly large animals, an activity like Frisbee for example would almost be out of the question.
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