Maxi Zoo supports animal protection in Europe

Maxi Zoo will start their annual customer donation campaign on the 4th of October to mark World Animal Protection Day with stylish friendship bracelets for adults and kids, which will be sold until end of this year in all 20 Maxi Zoo stores in Ireland, customers can actively support Maxi Zoo’s chosen charity H.U.G – Homes for Unwanted Greyhounds.

Proceeds benefit animals in need

H.U.G is a registered charity based in Ireland which aims to find loving homes for retired Irish racing greyhounds and promote a positive image of the breed as pets throughout Ireland.

Every year, thousands of greyhounds enter the racing industry in Ireland, yet many are retired quite young due to injury or sheer lack of speed. While still healthy, vibrant dogs, they find themselves unwanted if they are not earning prize money. With a lifespan of between 12-14 years, every greyhound deserves a forever home to enjoy their retirement with comfort, dignity and companionship.

In Ireland, Maxi Zoo will have two friendship bracelets to choose from to support H.U.G, their classic adult size priced at €2.50 and new for 2020, a children’s bracelet priced at €2 with 100% of the profits being donated to H.U.G.

In 2019 Maxi Zoo raised €38,000 for Dogs Trust and in the past year alone the Maxi Zoo/Fressnapf group have raised roughly 1.4 million euro for animals in need in Europe. 

“Each bracelet sold enabled us to create one of the largest animal welfare support campaigns in Europe, which makes me extremely grateful and proud”, states Fressnapf/Maxi Zoo founder Torsten Toeller.

Corona Pandemic intensified the economic situation in the animal protection

The Coronavirus crisis and its consequences have negatively impacted the economic situation of many animal shelters and animal welfare institutions. In particular, because donations were reduced, events were cancelled and many facilities had to remain closed. The volunteers and “everyday heroes” caring for animals in need are dependent on money and donations in kind as well as further support. This is where the “Friendship connects!” campaign helps with its bracelets.  

To find out more about the campaign, ask a staff member in store, and check out our Facebook and Instagram.