No need to panic over the vet

A visit to the vet’s isn’t often something our four-legged friends are particularly fond of. Some dogs, cats and small animals even get a panic attack when they enter the surgery. It doesn’t have to be like this: with a few tips you will be able to arrange a visit to the “doctor” with as little stress as possible. You can make a start with this at home!

Relieve your pooch’s panic

Animals who suffer stress travelling in cars can be helped with pheromones or Bach flower remedies to relieve the agitation. If you have your tail-wagging friend from a pup, then you should begin early on to link visits to the vet with positive experiences. On the first occasion, the doctor should do nothing at all apart from putting the little tot on the table and giving him a treat. Most vets are happy to do this as a well-behaved patient later on is wholly in their own interests. Also you could go past the vet’s with your dog occasionally, maybe sit in the warm waiting room, allow the receptionist to interact with your friend… then home again. This is an excellent way even to get a dog which is already older used to the examination and vaccination visits.

And when it does hurt somewhat

Then make sure that the visit to the vet at least ends on a positive note. Vets like handing out treats. If your pet isn’t in too much stress, something that goes straight to the stomach with many animals, then he’ll take it readily. If he’s got no appetite, then he should at least get some brief petting from the vet. And by the way with many dogs, you can relieve some of the anxiety if they don’t have to go on the “dreaded” table but can be treated on the floor.  Simply ask if your vet is prepared to do that!