Golden Retriever Dogs

If you love Getting fit with your dog”>playing with a furry friend for hours, a Golden Retriever is probably the perfect dog for you. These dogs are loving, playful and smart; they have limitless energy and have a very even temperament. They are eager and amiable and are a perfect family dog.

The Look of a Golden Retriever

Golden Retrievers are distinguished by their golden-brown coat, they are well proportioned and a charming smile. Goldens have quite a wide head and snout, a brown nose, brown eyes and hanging ears. They have a sturdy neck, broad muscular shoulders and a broad chest. They have long, straight tails and have thick water-resistant fur. Their fur can be flat, wavy or even feathered and they can be any colour from cream to a golden brown.

 What They Are Like to Live With

Golden retrievers have a lot of confidence and a positive personality. They are not angry, territorial or destructive. They are very lively and playful puppies but may chew furniture and get up to a bit of mischief. Not to worry, this behaviour only lasts one or two years, then they become mellow and calm dogs. The best way to keep this boundless energy in check is to keep them active. Goldens love to play outdoors and will do anything from playing fetch to swimming. These dogs have a lot of energy and can handle strenuous exercises such as running along with you as you cycle or a cross country run. These dogs love attention and exercise will keep them happy and healthy.

Golden Retrievers tend to pick a lot of things up in their mouths like a stick or shoe. If they find something they like, they will carry it around for quite a while! Make sure he doesn’t take a liking to one of your things, or it will become very slobbery. Retrievers are not the best guard dogs. They normally welcome strangers and are friendly with almost anyone. They have been known to sometimes bark at a stranger at the door though.

Things You Should Know

You should give your retriever some tasks or challenges every so often, they love it. These dogs are very fast learners and will complete tasks to try please you. Because they are so eager to please, they will keep going with the task until they collapse. Make sure to keep an eye on them and watch how tired they seem. This is important when they are hunting, exercising or while doing obedience tasks. Don’t wear out your poor retriever to exhaustion, just keep him mentally and physically stimulated enough to keep him healthy and happy.
Retrievers are easy-going and calm dogs, they get along with the whole family, including other pets and of course children. But keep your eye on the puppies, they have a lot of energy and may bump into a child accidentally when they are playing.

Retrievers are low maintenance, but do need basic grooming to keep their coat healthy.
Like most dogs their size, Golden Retrievers normally live between 10-12 years. Common health problems include hip dysplasia and skin allergies. Plenty of exercise and moderate rations of food will keep them healthy for years to come.

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