Greyhound Dogs

Greyhounds are best known for their athletic build and their ability to run faster than any other breed of dog. Greyhounds are not just athletes, they are calm and friendly dogs as well. Greyhounds are mellow, amiable creatures who love being outdoors. Obviously enough, greyhounds are far from lazy. If you are considering getting a greyhound, make sure you have the time to exercise them and play with them so they do not become bored.

The Look of a Greyhound

Greyhounds have sleek and muscular frames which make them unbelievably fast runners. They have long, narrow heads with a slightly pointed muzzle. Greyhounds have small ears which are folded over, dark eyes and very long necks. They have a powerful broad chest, strong legs and well-sprung ribs. Their tails are quite long and they have a slight curve. Greyhounds are easy to groom as they have short, tidy coats. These coats come in a lot of different colours.

What They Are Like to Live With

Greyhounds are very graceful, regal creature. They love to be the centre of attention and enjoy time with the family. If everyone is in one room, these loving animals will want to be involved and feel like they are part of the family. You should always include your greyhound in family events when possible, it will keep them very happy. Greyhounds are quite gentle with strangers, they won’t bark and bounce around when a new person visits the house. Although this is a good quality for houses with small children, where barking would frighten them, it also means that greyhounds aren’t good watchdogs.

Things You Should Know

The most obvious thing about a greyhound is their quickness. These dogs are fast. Naturally they love to run and get plenty exercise. If you want a greyhound, ideally you would have a large back garden where they have plenty room to run around and play. If you don’t have a big yard then make sure to walk them and take them for runs regularly. It is very important to keep these dogs on a leash, if they see something that catches their eye, like a squirrel or cat, they will have disappeared from your side in a flash.

Greyhounds need a lot of attention and human companionship, so if you are not home a lot this is not the dog for you. Greyhounds are perfect family dogs. They are gentle and quiet and get along well with children. They adore attention and need a lot of social interaction to stay happy and healthy. Greyhounds get along very well with other animals so if you are away for long periods during the day, you should consider getting your greyhound a doggie companion to keep him happy.
A healthy Greyhound can live as long as 12 years. They have few health issues, but they are prone to bloat. To avoid this you should feed them several small meals a day, instead of one big meal. Their smooth, short coat is very easy to groom.

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