Pets are a part of the family, which is why more and more of us are starting to give them Christmas presents too. If you would like to do something nice for your ornamental birds at this special time of year, be sure to give them presents that are appropriate for their species.

Anyone who shares their life with pets knows that they are valuable members of the family. The same goes for birds, which is why it’s nice to put something under the Christmas tree that will please budgerigars, canaries, parrots, cockatiels and lovebirds and our other feathered friends too.

You could give your birds some small snacks, for example, which are tailored to each of their species’ individual needs. Specialty stores offer a huge selection, which you can pamper your pets with at Christmas and other times of the year as well. A classic, and a real favourite among birds, is foxtail millet. This snack is ideal because it’s also a great way to keep your birds entertained. Your pets have to pick at it and work to get at the delicious foxtail millet. However, you probably shouldn’t overdo it with culinary gifts. Just give each bird a small snack, otherwise they’ll gain too much weight. And do make sure that you only give them species-appropriate food in order to avoid digestive problems. It’s not a good idea to give your pets some of your own tasty treats – you shouldn’t even let them nibble on a biscuit. Some birds might enjoy the taste, but at the end of the day it will only lead to health problems.

So alongside food, what other gifts will give your birds a welcome change? They really enjoy it when their birdcage is equipped with exciting objects that encourage them to play and flap their wings. You simply need to replace their accessories regularly to make sure that your pets don’t get bored. Why not give their cage an interior makeover for Christmas! A new seat or swing, for instance, is always exciting and is a nice way for your birds to while away the hours. Toys are popular with the majority of birdies too. Lots of them like nibbling on brightly coloured wood, especially if there is a little bell attached, and this will keep any bird intensely occupied. Most birds love having a bathing area as well. To keep their free flight time from becoming boring, you can create a little playground for your small billed buddies.

Give your pets plenty of quiet time too

Avoid putting the new equipment and accessories in their cage directly at Christmas. The house is often full of hustle, bustle and stress around the festive season, so your birds’ cage should be kept as calm as possible. So please wait until after Christmas to give your pets their new accessories. Once the dust has settled, your birds will enjoy playing with their new toys or checking out their new seat in peace.

By the way, it’s not only the right interior decoration that makes great gifts – your birds will also be delighted with a new, large birdcage or a spacious aviary. The basic rule of thumb is: the bigger the better. Your budgerigars, canaries or parrots will have great fun if they can flutter about their cage either before or after being let out to fly every day. Plenty of space ensures that your pets will stay fit and in shape, meaning they will stay healthy for longer, making this a very sensible Christmas present for your feathered friends.

Preventing your birds from flying freely….. is normally out of the question. However, at Christmas there are some exceptions to the rules. Your Christmas tree and decorations are a great source of danger for your birds. If you have visitors in your home there is also the risk that they won’t pay attention to open doors and windows, allowing your pets to escape. This is why, as an exception, it’s better to keep your pets in their cage for two to three days over the Christmas period or put your pets in a different room, where they can fly about safely.

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