HELP! – My pet has stopped eating

It can happen in the best families… Fido or Felix won’t touch their food. Or the pet guinea pigs suddenly stop eating. Vets from Maxi Zoo explain how pet owners should interpret this and what to do about it.


Dogs and cats can decide to fast quite off their own bat, especially if they’ve been very spoiled with food up until then. The reason: they want their masters and mistresses to come up with even tastier food. But in the end, many pet owners worry when their animal stops eating. And the vet’s advice of letting their four-legged friend fast for a few days, so that they start helping themselves again, often isn’t heeded, instead they start feeding them with new treats or resort to luxury meals.

But refusing to eat isn’t always a calculated act. Sometimes dogs or cats are indeed sick because they’ve got an upset stomach or picked up an infection. In that case you shouldn’t force them to eat, but give them time. At any rate, water and food should always be available. The best thing is to get advice from your vet if you feel the situation hasn’t improved after a few days.

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