The holidays are here and it is finally time to relax and enjoy them. Take the opportunity to be more active and whether you stay in Ireland or go abroad, here are some activity ideas for you and your pet from our Maxi Zoo pet exerts!

activity ideas

Go hiking

What about going on an excursion for a day? Get a blanket, a full basket and go for a picnic. Your family would love a bit of relaxing fun in nature. Prepare beforehand and check the suitability of the route for your pet in case there is a section where climbing is necessary and is not suitable for your dog. Remember you need to take enough water and food, leashes, a bowl and very importantly, anti-tick protection.

Walking is a great exercise

Explore new paths with your dog and let him sniff around and discover. During the walk you can play different type of activities: play hide and seek, take a ball or one of your dog’s toys and hide it behind a tree or a bush. Allow your dog to fetch objects, balance on or jump over hurdles such as tree trunks.

Cycling Holidays with your pet

A cycling holiday with a dog must be well planned. Before you can even think of such a holiday, get the green light from your vet that your four-legged friend is up to the strenuousness of a cycle tour! If your dog is not so small that it can ride most of the time in a basket on the front, you should acquire a dog trailer for longer tours. This allows your pet to take a break while you cycle further. For the time spent with the dog running alongside on the lead, a set of reins with padding in the chest and shoulder areas is suitable. For travellers with dogs, routes which are relatively flat such as riverside routes are recommended.

Make phone calls about accommodation before the journey as dogs are not equally welcome everywhere. If you intend to camp, you should have no problems with your travel companion on camp sites. Bed and breakfasts and hotels generally accept dogs too.

Dog Agility

Agility is one of the most popular sports and it positively affects canine health by boosting stamina and improving general fitness. It’s a lot of fun and is open to all dogs, big or small. Participants are divided into three classes, depending on their size. Dogs should however go to the vet for a check up before starting agility training.


Aqua fitness

Is your dog a right little water rat? From their first steps, some “super-swimmer” breeds and mongrels can barely be held back when they get a sniff of water.  But even dogs which aren’t keen on going for a splash at least enjoy going leg deep into the water when it’s hot. Whether Fido’s a copious swimmer or just likes to cool off, you can encourage him to become a true water athlete with some great water toys, and by exercising him to the full even when it’s hot.