Three weeks holiday – what do we do with the pet?

A pet sitter, animal boarding house or bring your pet on the holiday? – Every pet owner asks themselves this question coming up to holiday time.

Pet Sitter

Not every animal reacts in the same way to changes, which is why our pets are best left in their home with familiar surroundings to avoid unnecessary stress. Helpers in this case can be friends, acquaintances or nice neighbours who know the animal and have as much experience with it as possible. That’s because during your holiday, cats need a lot of attention and petting for them to feel at ease.

Travelling with animals

If it’s been decided to take your pet with you on holiday, it’s advisable to get it used to special travelling boxes, covers and safety belts early on.

Travelling in the car is the most recommended: In contrast with other modes of transport, your little buddy is protected during the journey from noises and strange people. Breaks are advisable on longer journeys to provide the animal with liquid refreshment and a little exercise. However food should not be given until the journey’s end. Apart from their favourite food, the travel bag should include familiar objects such as blanket and toy which should be brought along without fail.

On arrival at the destination: Freedom for cats is always risky unless a fenced-off area, such as a garden or park is available. For safety’s sake, your pet should carry an additional collar with an address tag.

Animal boarding as an alternative

When opting for boarding in an animal “guest house” it’s important to plan early. This way, the accommodation, the outside runs, food, activity options and hygiene conditions can be looked at well in advance and a choice made between several boarding facilities. In the best case, professional animal sitters will have trained as an animal carer or veterinary assistant. Whether an animal boarding facility is more than just placement centre will become apparent if there is only group or individual accommodation as well. Conversely, a serious animal guest house will expect a current vaccination certificate from the pet owner and with free roaming animals a regular de-worming, so there’s no risk of infection for the other guests, as well as a precise description of the animal’s special characteristics and preferences.

With your pet in safe hands you can now fully enjoy your holiday!