Home games for rodents

In the wild, rodents have to look out for themselves, from keeping out of the way of predators to finding food. When guinea pigs, rats, hamsters, rabbits and other animals are kept as pets in cages, these activities that keep animals busy in nature aren’t needed any more. This risks monotony and boredom in cage life through to a complete stifling of these otherwise agile animals. It’s easy to put a stop to this inactivity and encourage your pet to work for their supper with a food ball.

Time out of the cage is an absolute must for rodents, and even after the cage door is closed, boredom shouldn’t be an option. There are simple ways to get guinea pigs and other rodents, or even ferrets to use their brains and muscles to earn treats. Why not indulge your pet with a food ball? Just make sure to choose one made of robust wire to avoid any risk of injury. Fill the ball with whatever your pet loves to eat and is happy to work for – hay or green feed, fruit or simply a few healthy, tasty herbs. Ball filled? Then you can put it in the cage and the game can begin. Your pet now has to pull the treats out from between the wire. This gives them something meaningful to do and is also a lot of fun! The ball is attached to the wall or top of the cage, with the added advantage that green feed and herbs don’t land on the cage floor and become soiled.

As an alternative to a robust wire ball, you can offer your pet products made of wicker or loofah. These have the advantage of being edible and are perfect for gnawing to wear down rodents’ teeth, which is also important for their health.

Just like for dogs and cats, you can get colourful snack balls for rabbits and other rodents, which you can fill with pieces of fruit or mini treats. Little rewards fall out when your pet rolls this across the floor, encouraging even more playing fun and exercise. This both stimulates grey cells and keeps them physically fit, making boredom a thing of the past!