Maxi Zoo has been heavily involved in helping local animal shelters and charities throughout Ireland over the past 10 years. We are excited to announce our latest initiative, Hope For Shelter Pets, which we have been working on since the moment we started the Give Paw campaign in October. Hope For Shelter Pets aims at creating and spreading awareness to help shelter animals get adopted. Together with photography volunteers, we captured beautiful pictures of shelter animals that showcase their unique traits, personality and their need for a home. We believe that photography is a powerful tool to showcase the beauty of shelter animals and help them find a forever home.  See the stories below.


Project name: Hope For Shelter Pets by Maxi Zoo Ireland

Involved Charities: Cork D.A.W.G  and Carlow SPCA

Photography volunteers: Raluca Saceanu and Tony Comerford

1. Comet (Cork D.A.W.G)


Comet is a very special little staffie boy. At only 7 weeks old he came to D.A.W.G as a special case because this little boy is deaf! Far from holding him back, he loves playing with other dogs, he is also used to children.

Cork D.A.W.G will be looking for an adult only or home with children over 8 for Comet. Not only because the children need to understand that he will rely on their signal for basic commands but he is going to be a strong boy when he is older, Comet needs another dog in the home that he can learn from and play with as he loves to play. Comet is nearly toilet trained and will tell you when he needs to go out with a squeak at the door. He sleeps in his crate overnight but because he is deaf it is best that a night light is left on because he is afraid of the dark. This is mainly because without his sense of hearing he relies on sight to feel safe. He has already started his lead and sign training and is doing very well.

Isn’t he a cutie?



2. Fonz (Cork D.A.W.G)


Meet the most handsome man Fonz – Fonz is a big softy! He loves his cuddles and will come up and poke you for them! He has settled in really well and loves to play with other female dogs and is a bit unsure of other males but shows no real aggression shows just gets a little over excited.

Look at these eyes!


3. Ben, Terrier, 1 year (Cork D.A.W.G)


Ben is a really sweet boy that was knocked down and never claimed by his owner. Thanks to Cork D.A.W.G and the public who donated to help him, he went under life-saving surgery and is now well on the road to recovery. He will make an amazing pet for some very lucky family. He is a star.

 4. Lucy Lu, Mixed Breed, 5 months ( Cork D.A.W.G)


Lucy is a fun loving puppy full of the joys of life. She is house trained and sleeps all night in her crate. A home where someone is at home most of the time is needed for Ruby as she is only a puppy. Children over 5 and an enclosed garden are a must. She is a stunning girl and will make a lovely pet.


5. Andy (Cork D.A.W.G)


Andy is a stunning boy with a very sweet nature. He is 2 years old and a Bull Lurcher, Large size. He would love a home with someone who knows his breed and where he has company . He is great with dogs and people . He will make a great addition to any family.


6. Taz (Cork D.A.W.G)

He is two years old and great with other dogs. He is a lovely happy playful boy who is dreaming of a family to call his own.

7. The Black Cuties (CARLOW SPCA)


The 2 black kittens are girls and are part of a litter of 6 that were dumped in the river. They are absolutely gorgeous and have a very loving attitude. Sadly, black cats are the last to be rehomed from shelters.

8. Tabby (CARLOW SPCA)


Tabby has also been dumped along with 2 of his brothers. He is a very sweet boy with a loving character.



Through this initiative we hope to create more awareness among animal shelters and help needy pets find a forever home more easily. If you have any questions around the pets, please contact the charities mentioned above. If you have more questions on our initiative or you would like to get involved, send an email to 

We would like to thank the volunteers who participated in this project.

Stay tuned on our Facebook page for more information and updates on the pets.