How long can my cat stay alone?

Whether you own a dog, a cat, a rabbit, a guinea pig or a budgie the following question eventually poses itself: How long can I leave my pet at home alone? Even if you are nearby all day the question eventually comes up before the next holiday. The vets from Maxi Zoo supply the answers.

Cats do not have to be trained to be left alone. How long they can be left alone depends on different factors. A very people orientated, single cats should only be left alone for up to five hours; loners can be left for up to eight hours. Two or more cats can be left for the entire day without their owners, but if you plan a weekend away you should arrange a sitter to take care of food, water and the litter tray. A cat can often get very sick overnight.

It is often advisable to ask your neighbour for help. Ask them to check in on your cat once or twice a day if you at work all day or on a holiday. You should always avoid leaving any pet at home alone for long periods.

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