How can my cat lose weight successfully?

More and more cats are kept as indoor cats. Little exercise and plenty of treats pile on the pounds. A doting cat owner often does not realise that fat cats get sick more frequently and that it is likely that the life expectancy of the cat is reduced as well. What can you do if the cat is already overweight, how can the cat lose weight?

A kitty diet

A cat will become overweight if he or she eats more than the energy he or she uses. The causes are manifold. Often a predisposition and/or lack of exercise in combination with very tasty food and too many treats are the reason for the increased energy intake. Once a cat is overweight, losing weight is extremely difficult. The reason is the body’s alarm system put in place by nature to cope in times of scarce food. If an animal eats less food than needed to maintain the body, the energy consumption is automatically reduced. This alarm system makes a lot of sense in nature as in times of food scarcity the body tries to conserve as much of its substance as possible. However, for our overweight domestic cat this system is a great obstacle on the path to a more healthy weight. As soon as you put the cat on a diet, the alarm system kicks in and reduces energy consumption. As soon as the cat is eating less, he or she will consume less energy instead of reducing the fat deposits.

Don’t starve your cat

If you do not give the overweight cat any food at all, an even more dangerous mechanism comes into play. After some time, the entire fat in the body is transported to the liver in order to provide energy for hunting excursions. In a skinny feral cat this would be a small energy boost, but for the overweight domestic cat the liver is overloaded with fat which can in turn lead to liver failure. This is why overweight cats should never be starved for any long period of time.

How can I successfully put my cat on a diet?

A diet should cause the cat to use up its fat reserves while building up muscles. If you just reduce the food intake, the cat will not only be hungry but also miss out on valuable ingredients such as minerals, vitamins and trace elements. A good low calorie food contains less fat but plenty of high quality protein, minerals and vitamins.  In addition, these special foods such as Select Gold Light also contain fibres which fill up the stomach and accelerate digestion. The cat will not feel hungry despite a reduced energy intake and gets enough high quality nutrients.  Besides reducing the energy intake, the hunger alarm system must also be fooled and the body’s energy consumption must be increased. Digestion uses a lot of energy. Many small meals throughout the day use up more energy through digestion. Of course, exercise is another energy burner. However, the more the better is not true in this case. More effective is light exercise several times a day. If your cat has no outdoor access, you should play with him or her at least 30 to 60 minutes three times a day.


A diet food providing less energy, plenty of fibres and high quality ingredients such as Select Gold Light is the ideal basis for healthy slimming, when combined with the right degree of exercise. But especially with regard to obesity prevention is much easier than losing weight. Weigh your cat regularly. Change to a high quality light food even when slight weight increases are noticed.

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