Canine intelligence games. Brains at play

Our pets are smart, sometimes smarter than we think. In their natural surroundings, every animal is responsible for its own survival and has to apply all its wits to the utmost. And sometimes even demonstrate brain power. Luckily, you can now get “intelligence toys” for dogs. It’s also easy to make some of these games yourself.

Dogs: the masters in learning

No other pets have so many kinds of sport, teaching methods and training options available to them as dogs do. If you want to keep your pet busy inside, you will find a great variety of games for this – from playing with food balls to more complicated activities such as plug-board games. Tasty morsels are hidden in the holes of a wooden board and then stopped up. The dog can only undo the plug by twisting it cleverly before can eat its reward. If you want to design your own game, any form of hide-and-seek would be suitable. Simply conceal a titbit under a container – a carton, a plastic flowerpot, a kitchen bowl. A good nose will sniff the food out and keep bumping the container until the food slips out. You can increase the degree of difficulty by also packing the morsel in a little box or using two hiding places (e. g. under a bucket beneath a big box).

Dogs can move several wooden balls on an abacus with their noses. The treats attached to the bar fall down when the balls are moved. Or, the “treat roll” is a little more difficult. Although smart canines naturally smell straight away that treats are hidden inside the tube, they have to turn it long enough until these tasty morsels fall out of the relatively small holes.
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