The cute dwarf rabbits

These little bunnies are cute and cuddly and invite you to observe their behaviour and body language. As with other pets you should make sure you know just what dwarf rabbits need for their wellbeing. The experts from Maxi Zoo have put together the five most important points on this topic.

dwarf rabbits

1. Living area

Dwarf rabbits are small and active hoppers. They want to dart about and bounce all over the place. Therefore at least an hour long free run every day is absolutely necessary. Part of their natural behaviour includes standing up on their hind legs so that they can “check out” their surroundings. If your pet spends a relatively long time in a hutch, this should be at least 60cm high in order to accommodate this behaviour. Particularly suitable are hutches that open at the top.

2. Overview

As prey animals, rabbits are cautious and like to be very aware of their surroundings. Many like to lay on the roof of their sleeping house or hutch so it’s best to get a large one with a flat roof.

3. Hay and straw

Munching on raw food all day long is a favourite pastime of rabbits. Owners should make sure that there is always an unlimited supply of hay and straw available. Raw food is essential for a functional digestive system and the most important component of their daily food intake.

4. Feeding

Dwarf rabbits eat small amounts of food throughout the whole day – they are constant eaters. You should accommodate this need and feed your animal small portions several times a day. Go easy on the rich, ready mixed seed however; a desert spoonful per day per animal is enough. More important and healthy are hay and juicy foods such as carrots, lettuce and a piece of apple, celery or cucumber.

5. Fitness and motivation

Rabbits want to let off steam and de-stress when running free, whether in a room or in a pen in the garden. After all who wants to sit around all day and do nothing?! You should build your bunnies a proper adventure playground – lay down logs or branches as obstacles, pipes to hide in and newspaper to rip up. Hide food in small piles of hay or hang lettuce leaves up so that the rabbits have to stretch up to reach them. Of course you can also play with them yourself – they will love taking treats from your hand.





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