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Kittens: What do I need to know about kitten food?

Kittens are so cute when they traipse around to discover the world and go on hunting excursions. But regardless of how cute the tiny mites and their escapades are, the first few months in their life are no easy play for the little body which is putting on a top performance to transform this tiny being into to proper cat. To help the body to cope with the strain, the kitten’s food should be considered seriously and not be bought on a whim but take into account the kitten’s needs.

What should I be looking for in good kitten food?

The kitten multiplies its body weight in a very short period of time. The kitten must get the fuel to power this growth from the food. This is why good food is so important. The following issues should be considered: Minerals and vitamins play a major role in growth. As more is not necessarily better, minerals in good kitten food are formulated to meet the needs of growing kittens. The main building blocks of the body are proteins and fatty acids. The food should contain plenty of high quality animal protein. Animal protein is important especially for kittens as it contains the necessary amino acids the growing body needs. To facilitate the absorption of as many amino acids as possible, the protein should not only be of high quality but also easily digestible. Kittens have a very small stomach and can eat only a little food at a time. Highly digestible food ensures sufficient intake of all required nutrients without putting a strain on the digestive system. Growing and playing use up a lot of energy, therefore the food must provide that energy. If the food doesn’t provide enough energy, the little ones must eat more which in turn can overload their small stomach and intestines. The matter of wet tinned or dry food should also not be decided by the cat’s preferences or appealing advertising by the manufacturer. High quality dry food offers two significant benefits when it comes to kittens:

1. The food can be left out for the kitten all day long without any danger of spoiling. This allows the kitten to eat whenever it is hungry without overloading the stomach with excess food.

2. The cat’s teeth are strengthened by biting the hard crunchies and this promotes further healthy development. Kittens exclusively fed on tinned food often fail to develop sufficient chewing muscles and are more likely to suffer from dental problems.

Highly digestible dry food with a high animal protein content is the best start for a healthy cat life. Taking these aspects into account, vets recommend “Select Gold Kitten”. If you want your kitten to grow up healthy, apart from the right food, it is important to have your cat vaccinated and wormed regularly.