Dogs in the city

Line restrictions, dog waste disposal laws and dog-free areas accepted, living in the city with a dog can be lots of fun. The experts from Maxi Zoo offer some tips to make living with dogs in the city enjoyable for all involved.

City and county laws and by-laws regulate where and how dogs are allowed to exercise and differ greatly from city to city. Dogs must be on a lead in all public spaces. They must be kept on a lead in certain parks or community areas. The number of dog parks where canines can run leash-free also varies. Find out about your rights and responsibilities from the local government if you are planning to move to the city with your dog or if you are thinking about buying one.

It’s a dog’s life in the city

Living in the city is better than many think for well-behaved and socialised dogs. Different parks, cycle paths, alleys, urban woods and open spaces offer plenty of variety and four-legged friends come across their own kind much more often. Dogs become used to social cohabitation and have whole pack of new and old canine friends. However, if you have an aggressive or particularly sensitive dog, the country air is probably a better option.

Challenges of living with dogs in the city

Living in the city can also be stressful. Animals are bombarded, sometimes unexpectedly, with a large number of people, noises and smells, resulting in stress for both dogs and owners. It only works when dog and owner are a team. Dogs have to be able to rely on their two-legged friend and be able to follow commands. Good training not only ensures conflict-free coexistence, it also keeps your dog safe. Canines that run around unrestrained on busy streets, railway tracks or driveways must be able to obey commands and respond to your calls, even when frightened by loud noises or sudden events. If you are unsure about how obedient you four-legged friend really is, it is better to keep them on a lead. Ultimately, it is the owner who is always responsible should an accident occur.
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