Maxi Zoo is celebrating World Animal Week by hosting a unique fundraiser across all stores.

Visitors to the store will be invited to make a €1 donation to the charity in exchange for an ‘I support World Animal Week’ car sticker.

Staff at the store will recognise each €1 donation by placing a plastic ball on a tower of stacked plastic balls.

Maxi Zoo expects that the tower will grow in size each day with its overall size set to demonstrate pet lovers support for the charity.

The fundraiser, which is titled ‘A Dog’s Life Should Be A Ball’ will assist local charities in providing for the needs of the animals in their care.

“We are delighted to celebrate World Animal Week by helping to raise funds for local animal charities who do tremendous work across the country,” said Alice Cross, Executive Director at Maxi Zoo.

“World Animal Week is all about celebrating the value of pets and helping to raise the standard of animal welfare worldwide,” she added.

“Visitors to the store can learn more about their local charity during the week and can also talk to our in-store pet experts to discover more about what they need to know to provide the best standard of care for their pet,” said Alice.

The week runs from the 1st to 6th  of October; however Maxi Zoo will continue ‘A dogs life should be a ball’ initiative for the month of October.