Always eager to assist local charities, Maxi Zoo are encouraging all customers to join our Christmas Collection Drive this holiday season!!

While you’re visiting us to pick up your stocking stuffers and holiday food supplies, spare a thought for all the pets who haven’t been as lucky as your own in finding a loving home quite yet.  All 14 Maxi Zoo stores feature a Donation Bin just after the tills, so donating has never been easier!  Even purchasing one extra can of food for donation can go a long way for a furry friend.  Charities are unfortunately extra busy during the Christmas season with returned “gifts”, and coupled with the cold weather, this time of year can be incredibly taxing on available resources.    Food, snacks, blankets, toys, medicines, beds, and all other accessories are gladly accepted.  Let’s all do our part to spread the Christmas cheer to creatures large and small!