Maxi Zoo Leopardstown is now open!!!

The 14th addition to the Maxi Zoo family began the exciting Grand Opening Weekend on Thursday, November 22nd.  To celebrate, we’re offering fantastic deals throughout the store in addition to our regular deals and savings.  The weekend culminates with a Family Fun Day on Sunday, November 25th, offering free facepainting as well as an entertaining and informative visit from Dave’s Jungle!  Bring the kids down to meet some exotic snakes, spiders and other crawlies.  Maxi Zoo Leopardstown is an “XXL” store, meaning we boast an impressive Fish House with in-house pet experts to help with all your queries.  We also carry a variety of small animals in our comfy and safe housing unit, such as mice, gerbils, and adorable fluffy bunnies!  Leopardstown also carries a selection of reptiles, so don’t forget to visit the corn snake, bearded dragons, millepied and tree frogs, amongst others!

Maxi Zoo encourages you to bring your pet shopping, and offers a free weighing service in all stores, as well as a try before you buy policy with sized items.  Your furry friend will love us as much as you do!