Pet store chain Maxi Zoo will play Cupid this St. Valentine’s Day with a unique event to help single pet owners and their pets find love.

Singles with pets of all descriptions have been invited to attend date-night parties at the chain’s 14 stores nationwide and to bring their pet as their ‘plus one’ or ‘wing-man’.

“Great relationships are built on having something in common and what better way to start a new relationship than finding someone who shares your love of pets,” explained Alice Cross, Executive Director of Maxi Zoo Ireland.

“This is a unique occasion for pet lovers to make their pet their ‘wing-man’ for the night and to provide them with the perfect ice-breaker for a conversation that could well lead to a happily-ever-after ending,” Alice continued.


“We call it the Fido Flirt Factor – and it works. What goes for people goes for dogs and other animals. Pets are attracted to each other for one reason or another and that attraction is all that you need to start a conversation with their owner,” she added.

The two-hour parties include free pet care demonstrations and expert talks on pet nutrition and responsible pet ownership. Light refreshments will be provided along with special treats for pets.

Maxi Zoo is confident that pet lovers will accept its invitation to make their pet their ‘plus one’ for the night and those who do can avail of a heart-warming 15% discount across its product range during the event.

“All pet lovers like to spend time with their pet after a long day. This is the perfect excuse for single pet owners to get out of the house and to discover that there are plenty of likeminded people with pets out there who are just waiting to meet them,” said Alice.