Maxi Zoo takes the welfare of animals extremely seriously, and were delighted to return as a sponsor of the SpayAware 2015 campaign.  Says Pete Wedderburn: “This year we are highlighting the message that while cats and dogs can’t add, they do multiply. So it’s vital that all pet owners play their part in preventing animal overpopulation by ensuring their cats and dogs are neutered or spayed. It’s also much better for good pet health.”

While figures released by the Department of the Environment over recent years have seen an overall decrease in the number of dogs destroyed in Irish pounds, many thousands of unwanted dogs continue to end up there. While no official figures are available for cats, based on anecdotal evidence it is estimated that the number of unwanted, abandoned and feral cats far exceeds the totals for dogs.


“While the decline in the number of dogs ending up in the pound system is heartening, there is no room for complacency. The best way individual owners can help end the plight of abandoned cats or dogs is to ensure their pets are neutered or spayed,” says Pete.


Darren Spoonley of Maxi Zoo Ireland adds: “We at Maxi Zoo are honoured to support the SpayAware campaign again this year. We hope that through our network of 16 stores, with another opening in June, and our loyal customer base, that we can help spread the word on how important responsible pet ownership is in reducing the number of unwanted pets.”

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