Dogs are opportunists

You’ll certainly have heard that at some time or another. They always need a good reason why they should or shouldn’t do something. That’s why we have to motivate our four-legged friends constantly, regardless of whether it’s coming when called outdoors or sitting like a “good dog”. This motivation can take the form of food, praise, a loving touch, or even a short game. But for all that, hardly any of it will “sit” right if the basis of the human-dog relationship isn’t right… i.e. the bond. Many canines just plain forget their human masters when they’re outside as soon they’re let off the lead. They run ahead sniffing and quite simply turn a deaf one to your call. You can lay the foundation stone that prevents this happening later as early as whelping age. Even during the very first “walkies”, keep calling your little nipper to you in a high, kindly tone and praise him when he comes trotting up. Then something really great should follow, like an exciting game or a tasty treat. Fido should learn early on:” It’s worth my while if I come!” And the boss is fascinating!

Keep deepening this doggie mindset.

When walking your dog it is important that you see “walkies” as a time which you organise actively with your dog. Fido should be allowed to sniff around and switch off during the walk. All the same, make him aware of you on and off in between times. Show him a nice stick, run a bit with him, get a bit of obedience practice in and get him to balance on a log. This promotes bonding, as your dog learns that it’s worth keeping an eye on his people and he wouldn’t want to miss out on the next big thing.

Regular eye contact

If your dog looks you in the eye, give praise and a little treat. You encourage this eye contact, by teaching your dog to first look at you when you let him off the lead and only then is he allowed to shoot off on your OK. Make sure that you consciously configure the time with your furry-nosed friend to become an unbeatable team – hand in paw!

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