In almost every third household in Ireland, pets are keeping people company. They are loyal, cuddly, alert and comical companions and they exert a positive influence on our wellbeing. Experts from Maxi Zoo explain how pets can have a positive influence on people of all ages.

Good for the soul

Animals impart warmth, closeness, security and comfort. It’s not only children who appreciate this, but adults too, for example when they return home after a stressful days work. For many when a birds flies around you when you come home, things immediately start to look brighter. This recognition is unquestioning and doesn’t have to be worked hard for. The animal needs the human to tend to it – strengthening the feeling of self-esteem. Moreover, it provides variety for single or old people, brightening up their everyday life.

Relief from stress

Having an animal in the house helps in coping with and relieving stress – countless studies have shown this. Watching your feathered friend scurry around his cage can help relax any stressed mind.

Social Conduct Training

An animal satisfies our basic need for contact and emotional bonding– this helps us in our dealings with other people. Above all, children learn to take on responsibility where there is an animal member of the family. Shy kids too, benefit from such a relationship – it strengthens their personality and gives them confidence.

Improves communication

Families chat more naturally because of pets, rather than spending an evening watching TV. Even strangers are more ready to chat because of your pet.

Demonstrable effects

Scientific studies have proven time and again just how beneficial animals are for human health and well being. Pet owners pay fewer visits to the doctor than those who haven’t cultivated a bond with an animal. People overcome stressful situations more easily when they know they have an animal by their side. Quality time TLC between pet and owner lowers the blood pressure, slows the pulse and stabilises the circulation. Children with pets cope better with difficult situations for a given age. For those with heart ailments, this animal contact relieves stress, reduces anxiety and strengthens the heart /lung functions.


There are many benefits in having a pet but they also come with daily costs and duties. Especially when they may be a spontaneous Christmas gift, it can be a burden to the new owner and the pet may end up on the street or in an animal sanctuary. Maxi Zoo experts recommend not giving pets as presents. Purchasing an animal needs to be planned carefully in advance and everyone in the family must be made aware of what’s required to meet the pet’s needs.

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