Natural nibbles – fruit tree twigs

Bird owners like bringing back juicy twigs from the countryside for their little feathered friend’s cage or enclosure. The experts from Maxi Zoo tell you what to look out for.

    • Many pets gnaw and nibble with a passion on branches and twigs. So pay particular attention to the type of tree or plant!
    • Most native fruit trees are considered harmless and nut and broad-leafed trees also, to some extent. Whereas walnut is slightly poisonous to pets and very poisonous for horses and birds. Whether your pet can tolerate the wood will depend on its enthusiasm for nibbling. The favourites are birch, hazelnut, apple or pear tree twigs.
    • Twigs from pine trees are controversial because of their ethereal oils and resins. The wood of the yew, ivy, laburnum, cherry laurel and red cedar, among others, is also poisonous.
    • Twigs found near industrial sites or busy roads are better left alone.
    • Information on the toxicity of plants can be obtained from pet advice books, on the internet or from your vet.

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