Cat Life Stages

The right nutrition is absolutely essential for your cat to be happy and healthy. To make sure she gets everything that she needs, her nutrition must contain the right balance of vitamins, minerals and nutrients. The composition will vary significantly depending on what stage of life your pet is at and what her situation is. […]

Select Gold Advisor Day

Join us on Friday the 28th or Saturday the 29th of May between 12-4pm for an advisor day on SELECT GOLD nutrition and keep your pet happy and healthy! Every pet has its own personality and their own specific nutritional requirements. SELECT GOLD super premium cat and dog food supports your pet at every life […]

Kitten vaccination – what you need to know

Vaccinations are a great achievement, both in human and veterinary medicine. With a small medical measure, the body can be immunised against certain pathogens – and save lives. Even young cats should not be spared the procedure. After all, a little pinch will save you from lengthy treatments. With a treat as a consolation, even […]

Cat proofing your balcony

From the cat’s point of view, roaming around freely is certainly the most interesting way to spend the day. But for various reasons, it is not possible to give every cat this freedom. In an apartment building in an urban environment with a lot of street traffic, it is safer to live indoors. However, access […]

A cat moves in: essential items you need

Cats are like babies: before they arrive, you have to prepare everything at home to give the new housemate a good start. After all, the cat wants to find everything it needs for everyday life in its new territory – if an important item is missing, a hectic re-procurement will only bring unrest into the […]

Raising a kitten

Cats are known and loved for their self-confidence and strength of will, which – let’s admit it – quickly leads to the owner acting as “Your Majesty’s” staff. Pet cats are not dogs and have no interest in being subordinate to the two-legged owner. But this is not about training, even if many cats can […]

Nutrition for kittens and seniors: tips for every phase of life

Little house cats discovering the world are constantly on the move – and consequently have a high energy metabolism and a constant hunger. As long as mummy’s milk bar is available, a kitten will satisfy its appetite there at regular intervals. How long do kittens need different food? In the first weeks and months of […]

How to get your cat to accept a new kitten

If you bring the kitten into your home as a second cat, you can do the following to help them get along. How to help your new and existing cat get along: – Scent trail: take scent samples from your kitten and give your cat the scent. For example, use a blanket the kitten has […]

A kitten moves in – acclimatisation tips for cats

You have decided to give a little cat a home? Then you are in for some exciting weeks ahead. Depending on temperament and socialisation, possibly depending on the breed and gender, the little cat will conquer its home in its own way. Read here how to prepare your home for the kitten’s arrival and what […]

Nutritional advice for dogs: how to feed correctly

A balanced diet is the basis for a long and healthy life. This also applies to our four-legged friends. But not all food is the same: to ensure that a dog is supplied with all vital nutrients, minerals, trace elements and vitamins, its individual needs must be taken into account when choosing food. You will […]

Starter kit for puppies – the essential items you need

Eating, drinking, sleeping, playing – that’s all your puppy wants. So the first thing you need is a water bowl and a food bowl. For large dogs, there are height-adjustable feeding stations that grow with the dog and ensure good feeding posture. Read on to find out what else you need to get to ensure […]

Raising puppies: How it works

A little puppy moves in with you – what now? The rascal is full of energy, curious, wants to be kept busy, is still clumsy and disoriented at the same time. He is not yet house-trained and may not even know his name. Read here how to train your dog step by step in a […]

House-training puppies – confident steps to a house-trained dog

You have decided to give a puppy a new home? The joy a new addition to the family brings is wonderful. The dog must become house-trained and learn to relieve itself outside as quickly as possible. However, puppies still have a very small, untrained bladder and an unfinished digestive system and have to relieve themselves […]

A puppy moves in: How to move in on four paws

A puppy is moving in and you are very happy about the new family member. For your puppy, on the other hand, the move is a big change: just a moment ago, he was lying next to his siblings and his mother under the heat lamp in the cosy litter bunk, now suddenly everything is […]

Puppy feeding: How to feed your dog right from the start

Proper nutrition begins in puppyhood. Up to adulthood, puppies go through different growth patterns, depending on the breed. The following applies: Smaller breeds have a slower growth rate than medium to large breeds. Small breeds are often fully grown by the time they are eight months old, whereas large breeds are not fully grown until […]

Leaving puppies alone: From when, how and for how long?

The fear of being left behind is practically ingrained in puppies. For puppies, it is essential for survival to always stay close to their mother and the pack animals. Left alone, a puppy is usually unable to survive. After the first 15 weeks with their mother, you can take over responsibility for the little dog. […]

Friendship Connects 2020 – Thank you

Maxi Zoo proves a front runner with donation that secures animal charity’s survival      The future of a worthy animal charity which offers homes to unwanted racing greyhounds is secure thanks to a significant donation from Maxi Zoo Ireland.   In a year that has pushed charities to the brink, Maxi Zoo, Ireland’s largest pet […]

Spend and Save

Our gift for the New Year! Pick up a Spend and Save voucher* in your local Maxi Zoo store, you can find your local shop here. *January 2021 Spend and Save Terms and Conditions: Present the voucher to get a €10 discount when you spend over €50.  Valid from 25.01 – 07.02.2021 only in Maxi […]

Friendship Connects 2020

Maxi Zoo supports animal protection in Europe Maxi Zoo will start their annual customer donation campaign on the 4th of October to mark World Animal Protection Day with stylish friendship bracelets for adults and kids, which will be sold until end of this year in all 20 Maxi Zoo stores in Ireland, customers can actively […]

Customer Notice: Small Animal Update

Maxi Zoo have limited availability of small animals in our Clonmel, Finglas, Leopardstown and Waterford stores.  Please also note on fish delivery days our fish houses may be closed for a number of hours.  We advise customers to call ahead and check stocks before visiting to avoid disappointment.  You can find your local Maxi Zoo […]

Competition T&Cs: Pet of the month

Terms and Conditions As a registered Facebook user, you are also subject to Facebook’s privacy policy. Please check your Facebook account privacy settings for further information. The competition is open to residents in Ireland, excluding employees of Maxi Zoo Ireland and their families. Any entrant who fails to comply with the entry instructions set out in […]

Staff Appreciation – Sylvia Gallagher

  Name: Sylvia Gallagher Store: Liffey Valley   What are your interests and hobbies: I’m a big gamer. I also love dog training. Have you any hidden talent or unique skill: I’m good at art and have drawn for some Indie game companies. Why did you choose to work with Maxi Zoo: I love animals, […]

Staff Appreciation – Niamh Fogarty

Name: Niamh Fogarty Store: Mullingar   What are your interests and hobbies: Athletics – I’m an international athlete at Throw Discus. I enjoy listening to music and playing Golf occasionally. Have you any hidden talent or unique skill: I can solve a Rubik’s cube in 1 minute. Do you volunteer with a charity and if […]

Staff Appreciation – Mark O’Donnell

Name: Mark O’Donnell Store: Ballincollig   What are your interests and hobbies: My main interest is darts. I play with a local team in Mayfield & Lisgoold in Cork.  Apart from darts I love car cleaning, detailing, and music. Have you any hidden talent or unique skill: I’m pretty handy when it comes to juggling. […]

Staff Appreciation – Dave Barclay

Name: Dave Barclay Store: Limerick   Ø  What are your interests and hobbies: I like all sorts really as I can never sit still. I run a Facebook page for Bulldogs and we meet up for picnics (Limerick British Bulldogs). I love watching most sports, especially if it’s Manchester united. I also make jewellery as […]

Staff Appreciation – Kieran Mangan

Name: Kieran Mangan Store: Midleton   What are your interests and hobbies: I play Badminton and I’m the chairperson of Riverstown Badminton Club. I am a Huge Manchester United fan. I love my films and I have over 2000 DVDs in my collection. I play Pitch & Putt and a very small bit of Golf. […]

Staff Appreciation – Robert Quinlan

Name: Robert Quinlan Store: Clonmel   What are your interests and hobbies: My interests? Playing football, fly fishing, going to concerts and spending time with my family and dogs. Have you any hidden talent or unique skill: I can wiggle my ears! Do you volunteer with a charity and if so why that charity: Since […]

New pet? Welcome to the club!

If a new pet has joined your family you need to be perfectly equipped from the start to ensure they can settle in to their new life easily. Maxi Zoo are on hand with our new pet starter kits for every kind of pet.  Our store staff are available to give customised advice so you […]

General Opening Hours

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