SELECT GOLD Extra Sensitive range

SELECT GOLD consistently focuses on what dogs need and has now developed a dry food formula for dogs with very sensitive stomachs. The new SELECT GOLD Extra Sensitive dry food formula is a premium dry food product and complete feed for dogs with a sensitive digestion. The Extra Sensitive dry food formula is based on […]

Summer Heat essentials for your Pets

Summer means enjoying the sunshine and staying cool, both for humans and pets alike.  Like their owners, pets love to enjoy hazy summer days playing and having fun.   Our pet experts share their invaluable advice in the articles below to help you and your pet get the most out of summer. Summertime & sunbathing: cooling […]

Dog Life Stages

Dog food for life stages Every responsible dog owner should consider their pets diet. Pet’s require different food as they develop from puppies, to adults and on to senior dogs.  The correct food gives Fido all of the nutrients he needs to lead an active life. A puppy should get different food to an older dog and […]

Pet Weight Management

Managing your pets weight is important to keep them healthy.  Many factors come in to play when considering your pet’s exercise and nutrition.  The experts at Maxi Zoo share their top tips for cats and dogs to guide you as a pet owner. Obesity in dogs: tips for controlling your dog’s weight A dog’s body […]

What is a good sunscreen for dogs?

Sun cream, sunglasses, UV clothing and a hat: People only go out in the sun with appropriate sun protection. Most four-legged friends, on the other hand, snooze relaxed in the sun and romp happily around the dog run – without cream and glasses. This article explains why dogs also need to be protected from harmful […]

Recognising, treating and preventing heatstroke in dogs

Summer, sun, outdoor fun – in summer we love to enjoy the warm weather with our four-legged friends. However, it is more difficult for dogs to regulate their body temperature in hot weather than it is for us. Heatstroke in dogs happens surprisingly quickly and can be fatal. Learn how to recognise heatstroke in a […]

Happy dogs: fun in the sun

When the temperature climbs to over 25 °C in the shade, our dogs feel the heat. Dogs should not exert themselves excessively in the summer heat. Long walks or bicycle rides are only possible if you go when its cool. Summer, sun, heat: what does it mean for dogs? Dogs react differently to the summer heat […]

How do you cool dogs in summer?

While most people enjoy the summer to the fullest, our four-legged companions are rather less enthusiastic about summer heat. They become lethargic and retreat to the coolest corner of your home or garden. In this article, you will find out how to cool dogs down and how you can tell when your dog is too […]

Heat stroke in cats – early action saves lives

Cats love the warmth. They can spend hours lolling around in the sun. But if cat’s don’t have the opportunity to find a cool spot, they risk overheating, heat stroke and circulatory issues. Quick action then saves their lives. How does heat regulation work in cats? Cats are densely coated with hair and have only […]

Top 10 cat accessories for summer

Cats love the warm weather: they lie stretched out in the sun and let the hot rays heat their fur. When the temperature rises to 30 degrees it becomes too warm for them so they need to cool down and find a shady spot. Find out what accessories you can use to keep your cat […]

Walking in summertime

Summer at last – the warm season brings is great for dog owners and their four-legged friends: the beautiful weather motivates them to go out, the days are longer and the garden becomes an outdoor living room. However, if the temperatures rise too high, dogs can become stressed quickly. You can read here what you […]

Water poisoning in dogs: causes, symptoms and treatment

In the height of summer, dogs need to drink a lot to be able to cool down. But an excessive intake of water can also be harmful and lead to so-called water intoxication. Find out how water intoxication occurs in dogs and what you can do about it in this article. What is water poisoning […]

Swimming with a dog: Holidays with a dog by the sea

At the height of summer, there is nothing better for many dogs than cooling off in the water. And swimming is not only refreshing, it’s also an excellent muscle workout. We have put together some tips for bathing fun with dogs. General bathing rules for swimming with dogs Similar bathing rules apply as for humans: In […]

Deliciously cool: ice cream for dogs

When it gets hot, pretty much everyone craves a cooling treat. Naturally, your dog is no exception! When we lick our portion of ice cream with relish, our four-legged friend has to watch with wide eyes, because ice cream with its sugar and fat content is not suitable for dogs. However, if you would like […]

Summertime & sunbathing: cooling off for cats

House cats do not tolerate too much heat. Periods of sudden, high temperatures can cause problems for cats. Read here how you can make life more pleasant for your cat on particularly hot days. How do cats cope with high temperatures? Every feline lover knows the image of a cat relaxing in the sun. Cats […]

Tips on how to travel with your pet

Lots of people are booking staycations this year, so when you’re packing your luggage make sure to pack your pets essentials too. Holiday checklist Remember your pooch’s medicine You should ask your vet about a travelling medical bag. It makes a lot of sense to get a small kit made up for the holiday trip […]

Find the best dog food for every life stage

Dog food for life stages Every responsible dog owner should consider their pets diet. Pet’s require different food as they develop from puppies, to adults and on to senior dogs.  The correct food gives Fido all of the nutrients he needs to lead an active life. A puppy should get different food to an older dog and […]

Cat Life Stages

The right nutrition is absolutely essential for your cat to be happy and healthy. To make sure she gets everything that she needs, her nutrition must contain the right balance of vitamins, minerals and nutrients. The composition will vary significantly depending on what stage of life your pet is at and what her situation is. […]

Kitten vaccination – what you need to know

Vaccinations are a great achievement, both in human and veterinary medicine. With a small medical measure, the body can be immunised against certain pathogens – and save lives. Even young cats should not be spared the procedure. After all, a little pinch will save you from lengthy treatments. With a treat as a consolation, even […]

Cat proofing your balcony

From the cat’s point of view, roaming around freely is certainly the most interesting way to spend the day. But for various reasons, it is not possible to give every cat this freedom. In an apartment building in an urban environment with a lot of street traffic, it is safer to live indoors. However, access […]

A cat moves in: essential items you need

Cats are like babies: before they arrive, you have to prepare everything at home to give the new housemate a good start. After all, the cat wants to find everything it needs for everyday life in its new territory – if an important item is missing, a hectic re-procurement will only bring unrest into the […]

Raising a kitten

Cats are known and loved for their self-confidence and strength of will, which – let’s admit it – quickly leads to the owner acting as “Your Majesty’s” staff. Pet cats are not dogs and have no interest in being subordinate to the two-legged owner. But this is not about training, even if many cats can […]

Nutrition for kittens and seniors: tips for every phase of life

Little house cats discovering the world are constantly on the move – and consequently have a high energy metabolism and a constant hunger. As long as mummy’s milk bar is available, a kitten will satisfy its appetite there at regular intervals. How long do kittens need different food? In the first weeks and months of […]

How to get your cat to accept a new kitten

If you bring the kitten into your home as a second cat, you can do the following to help them get along. How to help your new and existing cat get along: – Scent trail: take scent samples from your kitten and give your cat the scent. For example, use a blanket the kitten has […]

A kitten moves in – acclimatisation tips for cats

You have decided to give a little cat a home? Then you are in for some exciting weeks ahead. Depending on temperament and socialisation, possibly depending on the breed and gender, the little cat will conquer its home in its own way. Read here how to prepare your home for the kitten’s arrival and what […]

Nutritional advice for dogs: how to feed correctly

A balanced diet is the basis for a long and healthy life. This also applies to our four-legged friends. But not all food is the same: to ensure that a dog is supplied with all vital nutrients, minerals, trace elements and vitamins, its individual needs must be taken into account when choosing food. You will […]

Starter kit for puppies – the essential items you need

Eating, drinking, sleeping, playing – that’s all your puppy wants. So the first thing you need is a water bowl and a food bowl. For large dogs, there are height-adjustable feeding stations that grow with the dog and ensure good feeding posture. Read on to find out what else you need to get to ensure […]

Raising puppies: How it works

A little puppy moves in with you – what now? The rascal is full of energy, curious, wants to be kept busy, is still clumsy and disoriented at the same time. He is not yet house-trained and may not even know his name. Read here how to train your dog step by step in a […]

House-training puppies – confident steps to a house-trained dog

You have decided to give a puppy a new home? The joy a new addition to the family brings is wonderful. The dog must become house-trained and learn to relieve itself outside as quickly as possible. However, puppies still have a very small, untrained bladder and an unfinished digestive system and have to relieve themselves […]

A puppy moves in: How to move in on four paws

A puppy is moving in and you are very happy about the new family member. For your puppy, on the other hand, the move is a big change: just a moment ago, he was lying next to his siblings and his mother under the heat lamp in the cosy litter bunk, now suddenly everything is […]