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Fitness for cats

Many people make a variety of good New Year’s resolutions such as improving their fitness, and some make them for their dog or cat. The experts from Maxi Zoo offer some tips to help animal lovers help their pets.

Moulting tips

Lots and lots and lots of hair flying here and lying there, cat owners could tell you a thing or two about coat changes in autumn or spring. The experts from Maxi Zoo have some tips on the best way to get through this hairy time.

Safety for cats at Christmas time

Many a cat’s eyes will widen like saucers when their master, mistress or the family haul the Christmas decoration box down from the attic just before Christmas. Santas and elves, candles, balls and fairies, straw, goats and elks, stars and nativity figures are all pure temptation for nosey little pussy cats.

Kitten food

Kittens are so cute when they traipse around to discover the world and go on hunting excursions. But regardless of how cute the tiny mites and their escapades are, the first few months in their life are no easy play for the little body which is putting on a top performance to transform this tiny being into to proper cat.