How to treat paw injuries correctly

Both small and large wounds on the paws of cats or dogs should be attended to swiftly – that’s what the vets from Maxi Zoo recommend.

  • Clean the wound with clear water. You can disinfect a smaller one with tincture of iodine and care for it using an ointment.
  • Cover the injury up with a compress or other type of dressing.
    • Using surgical cotton, form a pad around the wound, also between the toes and balls and around the back claw.
    • Then cover this with self-adhesive, elastic bandaging. This mustn’t be too tight!
    • Take your pet to the vet and show him/her the injury. Above all with deep wounds, torn claws or unstemmed bleeding you should find a vet as quickly as possible.
    • Also, bite and cut injuries must always be attended to by a vet as such wounds are almost always infected.

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