The experts at Maxi Zoo suggest that brushing your pet dog on a regular basis helps to reduce the amount of moulting hair on your carpet and sofa. It also benefits your pet as the act of brushing improves the flow of blood to the skin and stimulates circulation. You should groom your pet every day, particularly during moulting season, so that their coat looks nice and glossy.

A nice, shiny coat is taken as a sign of a happy and healthy animal. Like humans, several factors are relevant when it comes to a dog’s health and a shiny and full coat. The skin is the animal’s largest organ and, depending on age, accounts for 12 to 24 % of the total body weight. The skin presents a barrier between the outside and the internal body and its task is to shield and protect the body. In order to do so, the skin must grow many metres of hair, callous, claws and new skin layers. This makes the skin not only one of the largest and most important organs, but also one of the most productive. This is why good external and internal coat care is so important. External coat care includes regular brushing, for dogs a bath if the dog is very dirty, and prevention of parasite infestations. Inner health depends on several factors. Genetic predisposition is an important factor for healthy skin and shiny coat. Of course, the general state of health of a pet is also important for a nice coat – any skin problems are always indicative of hormonal imbalances or digestive issues. Therefore you should always consult your vet if your pet has any skin or coat problems.

The quality of food you feed your pet can have a huge impact on their health, and coat. By feeding your pet a balanced diet containing high quality protein, the correct fatty acids, vitamins and minerals you can ensure your pet has healthy skin and a thick, shiny coat. The experts at Maxi Zoo can suggest the right food for your dog to ensure optimum health.
Products that can help your pets coat like the FURminator encourage gentle but thorough grooming. This special undercoat brush is available in various sizes for small, medium and large dogs and for different hair lengths. This grooming tool removes dead hair thoroughly. Regular use reduces moulting by up to 90%.

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