Persian Cat

The Persian is well known as being the most popular choice of cats there is. This kitty is beautiful, elegant and quite regal. The Persian is a loving, relaxed and very affectionate cat.

Persian Cat Appearance

The Persian cat has a long luxuriant coat with elegant  full, soft undercoat hairs. This cat has longer coarser guard hairs and a broad body. Their legs are sturdy and stocky. Persians have round eyes set in a sweet round face.

Grooming a Persian

If you are thinking about getting a Persian, you must be prepared to groom their coat every single day. This cat is high maintenance and depends on its owner for everything. If grooming is neglected for any length of time the coat will become matted and will need professional groomer to deal with. Persians moult heavily about twice every year, and will shed all year round. Proper maintenance requires a daily grooming with a metal comb to get rid of any tangles and hairballs

The Persian cat’s eyes also need attention. Persian cats can have problems with watering eyes which need tending to. To prevent this, a special eye lotion for cats can be gotten.

Persian Personality

Persians are usually a very quiet and gentle cat. They are calm and can be very affectionate.  They are very placid and will rarely scratch anyone. Because of the Persians peaceful nature they usually get along very well with other pets and children. They love being stroked and adore being the centre of attention. They are shy and quiet creatures. Persians are playful and can give their owners a lot of love and devotion. They have the ability to adapt to most situations and seem to take most things in their stride.
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