Food, Products & Accessories for your Aqua & Fish Pet


At Maxi Zoo we are dedicated to matching the love you have for your fish and aqua pet to our broad range of great value aqua products across our extensive store network. We are proud to be one of Ireland’s leading retailers of fish food and accessories…. Everything for my pet!

At Maxi Zoo you’ll find the perfect match between our great value and customised own brand range of products and all the other leading brands we stock such as JBL, Tetra, Hagen and much more. You’ll find one of Ireland’s biggest selection of fish / aqua pet products in store!

We are passionate about pets and about the needs of pet owners. We see the diet of an aqua pet as key to a healthy, happy and long life. Our extensive range of aqua food & plants are carefully selected and profiled in-store to provide you with the ideal match for your fish breed and requirements. Our staff are fully trained to discuss your fishs’ dietary and environmental needs and provide useful advice.

We also invite you to come in-store and browse our extensive range of aqua pet
filter and media
and general accessories including decorations, lighting & bulbs, treatments and pumps as well as cleaning supplies, aquariums and stands and gravels and substrates and much more.

Of course we also run regular special offers in-store so look out for great deals in our 3 day sale promotions. Click here now to locate your nearest Maxi Zoo Ireland store.

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