If a new pet has joined your family you need to be perfectly equipped from the start to ensure they can settle in to their new life easily.

Maxi Zoo are on hand with our new pet starter kits for every kind of pet.  Our store staff are available to give customised advice so you choose the perfect product for your new arrival, and you can get 10% off* your starter kit when you visit your local Maxi Zoo store.

We’re here for all of the essentials your pet may need especially if they’re new to the household. We have all of your new pet must-haves under one roof – nutrition, sleep, play, hygiene, safety, travel and training. 

We know a new pet needs a lot of care and attention and our pet experts have some fantastic new pet advice in the articles below:

Leaving puppies alone:  From when, how and for how long?

Puppy feeding:  How to feed your dog right from the start

A puppy moves in:  How to move in on four paws

House-training puppies – in confident steps to a house-trained dog

Raising puppies:  This is how it works

Starter kit for puppies – the essential items you need

Nutritional advice for dogs:  how to feed correctly

A kitten moves in – acclimatization tips for cats

How to get your cat to accept a new kitten

Nutrition for kittens and seniors:  tips for every phase of life

Raising a kitten                                                                                       

A cat moves in:  essential items you need                             

Cat proofing your balcony

Kitten vaccination – what you need to know

New pet discount T&Cs:

*The discount applies to purchases of at least one product from each of the prescribed categories. The discount does not apply to books, animals, cash deposits, coupons or products form the FIT+FUN brand range. Only one coupon per person. The discount cannot be combined with other discount campaigns or other reduced-price offers. Redeemable in all participating Maxi Zoo Ireland stores. Valid until 31.12.2021

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