Holiday stand-in!  Things the pet sitter has to know

Even if we would most prefer to have them with us round the clock, we can’t always take our pets with us on holiday. Most cats and other small animals react to strange surroundings with stress and even the dog has to stay at home sometimes such as when a plane journey is on the itinerary. The alternative, a reliable pet sitter or a pet boarding kennel.

How do you find the right sitter?

It is important to whoever engages a pet sitter that they can trust them and that they can be sure that their pet is in good hands. It’s for this reason that personal recommendations are helpful, such as when a family member or friend can recommend someone who’ll feed your pet at home. Often someone can be found within the circle of friends, acquaintances or relatives who can take the responsibility on.

Prepare the pet sitter

If the right sitter has been found, and your gut feeling is positive, then it’s time to prepare the guardian for their assignment. It doesn’t matter if he or she takes the pet to their place (which would be the case with dogs) or attends to it in your home (which would make sense with cats, small animals and birds) – you should write out for them exactly when the creature gets what food and which special considerations are to be kept in mind. Checklists are an advantage here: When is the animal given which food? And has the animal any kind of health problems? If it has to take medication or needs special care then you should note this precisely on the checklist. Some animal owners make a note of special preferences. If your dog, for instance, gets a chewy-bone after its evening meal, just write this down, then Fido won’t have to go without – even in strange surroundings. The pet sitter will find it that much easier and certainly won’t forget anything.

Important telephone numbers belong on the checklist.

Add a few important telephone numbers: where you can be reached in an emergency at your holiday destination and likewise the number of someone you can trust back home. The vet’s telephone number must go on the list as well. So if the animal should fall ill, it’ll be of benefit if the sitter can bring it into the surgery which creature already knows and to a vet who knows it’s peculiarities. In this way you can go off on holiday with a clear head, and look forward to being reunited with your pet on your return.
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