A full-time pet owner?

A quick walk before work, then again in your lunch break AND plenty of playing and running around after clocking off? For working pet owners, it’s often not at all easy to accommodate pets’ wishes. The animal experts from Maxi Zoo explain how to achieve a work-pet balance.

Many adults dream of a having a pet to play with in their free time. But most of them work, and full-time at that! You and your pet’s limits will soon be reached if you insist on having a dog. Have a long, hard think about whether you are up to providing the kind of care your desired animal requires and if it is suited to being alone for longer periods of time at all.

Small animals and rodents are ideal pets for working owners, provided that they are active at dusk and at night. Chinchillas, degus, hamsters, mice, guinea pigs and rats mostly sleep during the day and are awake in the evening, when you have time to spend with them. However, except for hamsters, none of these animals should be kept alone! All of them need at least one social partner of the same species.

Whatever you decide, act responsibly. Once you have bought them, a pet is a companion for many years of your life!

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