Sunshine and fresh air are extremely beneficial for caged birds. In order for them to enjoy these to the full, you must follow a couple of important rules.

If you have a balcony or a garden, you should give your birds the opportunity to enjoy the sun and the fresh air outdoors. Spending time outdoors is very beneficial: sunlight helps produce many vitamins and contributes to healthy feathers. The UV light and fresh air will also boost their immune system. To make sure your birds benefit from these positive effects, there are a few things you should be aware of in advance.

Outdoor temperature and location
It is important not to put your birds out in the fresh air too soon. The outdoor temperature should be at least 20°C before you take the cage outside. Anything else would result in a temperature shock for the birds as they have spent the last few months in a well-tempered environment. Their immune system would not cope well with a sudden drop in temperature.

Excessive heat can also pose a risk to the health of these animals. Most caged birds like taking a sun-bath but they also need shade in which to cool off. Therefore, your cage/aviary should never be placed in direct sunlight. And don’t forget that the sun changes direction during the course of the day and the location should be altered accordingly. If the outdoor temperature exceeds 30°C, the birds are best kept indoors.

The location of the cage/aviary must also be sheltered from the wind as the birds will quickly catch cold in a draft. Ideally, one or two sides of their enclosure should border a wall. This will help to protect the birds from the wind and make them feel safer.

Summer feeding
Our birds love to bask in the sun and feast on good food. In addition to a high-quality seed-based diet, you can now also offer your feathered friends fresh treats such as fruitand vegetables. Their preferences in terms of greens will depend on their species. However, fresh apple pieces, parsley and cucumber will be a sure hit with all birds. Moist lettuce leaves are particularly popular in the summer.

Please make sure that the food is clean and fresh. During the summer, food can collect dust and spoil more quickly. For this reason, fresh food should only be left out for a few hours. Any leftovers should be disposed of. For hygiene reasons, we also recommend cleaning the birds’ feeding and drinking vessels thoroughly and regularly – ideally on a daily basis.

This also applies to the bird bath, which is an essential accessory in summer. The higher the temperatures, the more it will be used. The water should be changed at least once a day.

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