What puppies owe to their mums

The little canine whelps (pups) fare in much the same way as kittens. They come into the world blind and deaf at first and need the care and protection of their mother.  She suckles her offspring several times daily, gives them the necessary “warmth of the nest” and sees to the hygiene of their immediate surroundings.

It’s almost three weeks before the pups take their first steps. Slowly but surely, their circle of discovery widens. Then mother starts playfully teaching her whelps typical dog behaviour. Her pups become “socialised” and learn to get on with one another. They also learn to relate to humans and possibly with other house pets. During this period they let go of their mother and become independent. Whelps should be allowed to stay with mum for at least eight to ten weeks before they’re introduced to their new home.
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