Puppy’s first walks

The little puppy totters cutely through the world, and it’s wonderful to watch it growing up. But it’s precisely at the start, that a puppy feels insecure in still unfamiliar situations. Which is why winning its trust should be the highest priority. In the familiar homely surroundings is the best place to get a puppy used to a collar and lead. To do this, the puppy’s owner hunkers down, calls and tempts their little friend to come then puts on the collar. Only when the collar and lead no longer induce anxiety in the puppy is it time to go outside.

A hassle-free environment reassures

Young puppies still have to learn appropriate behaviour outdoors – which is why a less busily frequented environment and one as calm as possible should be chosen. In risk-free surroundings, it’s not even necessary to put a puppy on the lead. A young dog that trusts its master will follow them and not think of running away. But even the dog owner must learn to reciprocate trust to his or her charge. Very early on, the puppy should also get used to the normal everyday routine, as everything the little dog learns in its first months will no longer instil angst later on.

The right exposure

A puppy must learn how to cope with others of its own kind. It is important in this respect that the human, as the “father figure”, must not be afraid of other dogs because a puppy will notice this immediately. It helps to visit a special “puppy school” as here it will learn the right social behaviour towards other pups of its own age under expert supervision.

How much exercise a puppy needs

A puppy is not yet as strong as a full-grown animal. It is important that your puppy’s first walks are short. Even if your frisky companion appears by no means tired you should not demand too much of them. Generally a three to four year old pup can be walked three times daily for a maximum of around 15 minutes. Also the puppy should not be walked for more than 5 minutes at a time for each month of their age. Jogging or running with the bicycle should only be started when the dog is full-grown.
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