The right puppy playgroup

Congratulations! A cute little puppy has found a place in your heart, crept into your life and moved into your home. Now it’s time to prepare him for his life with you. And this includes the little nipper having as many positive encounters with other dogs as possible. This works best in a puppy playgroup. But it should be the right one: the difference in quality is sometimes considerable.

 When to go to the playgroup?

The dog’s socialisation phase takes place from the fourth to sixteenth week of its life. During this time the dog should get to know as many as possible of its own kind, but should only have positive experiences with them. The socialisation phase should benefit greatly if, during this period, your little pet visits a puppy playgroup.

When is the right time? It’s when your puppy has settled in to his new home. Going to the dog school straight away on the next day would overtax the little thing. How long your little friend will need to orientate itself to its new environment will vary from dog to dog. With our four-legged friends it can take a week to two weeks.

Finding the right playgroup

How do you now find the right puppy playgroup? Recommendations are best, which you can get from your vet, from new acquaintances on the (dog) park or from friends with dogs. You’ll also find offers on the internet or in pet magazines. If you’re unsure whether the club or the trainer is the right one for your little pal then just go there (without the dog) and have a look at the puppy playgroup yourself.

How to recognise quality

You should look out for the following: Playing and learning is in small groups, a maximum of ten dogs. The trainer isn’t merely present but also intervenes should a dog be mobbed by the others. The other pups should be about the same size as yours, so that he doesn’t simply get run into by bigger dogs when playing and suffer a negative experience. Socialisation and communication among the dogs are priority. Nevertheless the first little training lessons are taught here and there. Sit! Down!  Come! These are commands which are built into the playtime. This should always happen playfully and with positive backup to give the dog pleasure in learning and training.

Agree to a trial session

If you had a positive impression and think your dog is in good hands then you can agree to a trial session and come along with your dog. With reputable providers, a pre-condition of taking part is the vaccination certificate and animal owner third party insurance. By the way, you’ll recognise a good trainer in that they won’t just keep an eye on your dog but also answers our questions. They should also be your first point of contact for problems with your dog’s upbringing.

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