A paradise for rodent senses

Rodents are fantastic pets to observe – jumping and scampering about, climbing or simply interacting with other members of their species. To be able to do all this, they need a species-appropriate enclosure. It’s easy for rodent lovers to turn this into a real eye-catcher, according to the experts from Maxi Zoo.

Rats, mice, hamsters, guinea pigs and other rodents need a cage or enclosure that is set up according to their needs to really thrive and feel at home. The larger the enclosure, the better. Even though they are only small, these short-legged creatures are very active. Rats and mice need room to move, hamsters love to dig, climb and run about, and guinea pigs are also always on the go and love to jump.

Making an enclosure

Your rodent enclosure should be equipped with certain basics. Even here, you have the opportunity to create a coordinated theme. Think about how the enclosure (old or new) should look like in the future. Let your imagination run wild – You can get ideas from specialty stores, magazines, books or the internet. Equipment and accessories made of natural materials such as wood, cork, stone or clay are particularly good. They are pet-friendly, look good and also provide a variety of design options. You can also get edible furnishings made from different natural materials from specialty stores.

Pimp out your enclosure!

Stick to your chosen landscape to achieve a harmonious overall theme. A background provides a good frame and is a real eye-catcher. What about an oasis in the desert? A jungle? Or a field of flowers? Even a sparse stone landscape can be quite striking. You could also go for bright and colourful with a circus theme. Outfit the enclosure with things that both you and your pet will enjoy – pipes, seesaws, hammocks, huts, caves and tree stumps of different heights or even entire play cities.


Make sure that your pet can’t injure themselves on anything sharp or pointy. Soft wood can also be dangerous, e.g. for hamsters. Keep in mind when furnishing the enclosure that some things that look good for humans are useless for animals or go against their natural needs. Find out all about species-appropriate enclosure setups for your rodent at your local Maxi Zoo.

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