Little explorers set off in the spring: a safe run for inside and out

When the long cold weeks and short days finally start warming up, everything is drawn to the outdoors. High time to let the smallest of rodents feel the spring air in their faces. For guinea pigs or rabbits there is a big choice of outdoor enclosures in which they can enjoy their freedom.

Be careful

Under no circumstances should you allow the animals into the enclosure as long as the ground is still too cold or the grass still wet from the thaw. May is mainly the ideal starting point but you can already begin erecting the enclosure in April so that everything’s ready for the first warm days. Now’s the time to line the cage in preparation with a small amount of fresh grass daily and increase this amount very slowly. In this way, you can get the stomachs of small animals acclimatised to the fresh grass which rabbits and guinea pigs will savour for sure once outside. So as not to overdo it at the start, just put the little one – despite the previous familiarisation – into the enclosure for shorter periods only. This should at all events provide sufficient shadow. Apart from that, the creature must be safe from cats and dogs – a strong cover is a good life insurance. With rabbits, you must make sure that the fence is anchored deep enough into the ground otherwise these active bobtails will burrow through underneath it.

Get creative

Rabbits and guinea pigs love playing in the open. The only limit is your imagination. Dens, pipes, ramps and tasty surprises will spice up their foray into the outdoors. But neither guinea pigs nor rabbits should be deprived of your company. Especially in the open it’s great fun occupying yourself to the full with them, observing them or simply enjoying their presence with a good book.

Hamsters stay at home

A hamster, on the other hand, in no way belongs in the garden. Take your eyes off him for one moment and he’s gone… forever. But that doesn’t mean hamsters don’t need a run. The great outdoors for them begins outside their cage, in the room.

When the hamster’s en route in the room, you must provide ample safeguards. Danger lurks everywhere. A hamster can suddenly make itself unbelievably flat and small and disappears in a flash. It’s best to keep your eyes on him the whole time he’s running free. This applies also to guinea pigs,chinchillas or rats and rabbits which go on tour indoors. Cables and sockets present hazard sources as do open doors, slightly opened windows, poisonous substances, full ashtrays or hot cooker hobs. It would be ideal if you could create a “rodent-proof” room and offer your pet the freedom of it. Better safe than sorry, and that also applies to little explorers who start out in the springtime!


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