SELECT GOLD consistently focuses on what dogs need and has now developed a dry food formula for dogs with very sensitive stomachs.

The new SELECT GOLD Extra Sensitive dry food formula is a premium dry food product and complete feed for dogs with a sensitive digestion. The Extra Sensitive dry food formula is based on insect protein.

This has been recently discovered for animal nutrition and is a valuable source of animal protein with a similar protein content to meat. That makes it possible to replace meat ingredients completely. So if your dog reacts to conventional dry food, why not try this new pet food from the SELECT GOLD range.

Pet food made of insects is more environmentally sustainable than conventional pet food. Its production uses less water and emits less greenhouse gases, as no animal methane is generated in the manufacturing process. Insects grow quickly and take up less space. A tonne of insects grows in 6 days and occupies only 20 m².

What’s the pet food made of, if there’s no meat in it?

 Apart from insects, potatoes make up most of the ingredients as an easily digestible source of carbohydrates. A few other vegetable ingredients round off the composition:

Psyllium and probiotic inulin are dietary fibres that can help to build up and sustain a stable intestinal flora.

Aniseed, caraway and linseed promote optimum digestion.  Yucca schidigera, a type of palm, can reduce excrement odour. This grain-free recipe avoids any use of sugar and soya additives.  The product is also free of artificial preservatives, colours and flavours.  Your dog’s health takes absolute priority in this formula!

The new SELECT GOLD Extra Sensitive range is available with special formulations for 3 sizes of dog: Mini, Medium and Maxi and come in 1kg, 4kg and 12kg bags.

All the versions feature the same beneficial properties for dogs with very sensitive digestions. The difference is that each of the three formulations is perfectly matched to the needs of the specific size of dog.


Mini version is suitable for dogs between 5-10kg from 10 months old.

The special feature of this food is that the crisp and crunchy croquettes help to keep dog’s teeth clean.


The Medium version is suitable for dogs between 11-25kg from 1 year old.

With a higher vitamin E and C content, plus mannan oligosaccharides and beta-glucans; which are natural vegetable fibres that serve as roughage and can strengthen the body’s defence systems.


The Maxi version is ideal for dogs above 25kg and from 15 months old.

The ingredients glucosamines and chondroitin sulphate are building blocks for cartilages and joints, which can promote the development of healthy bones in larger dogs.

Find out more about the SELECT GOLD Extra Sensitive range in your local store, find yours here.