A pet keeps you young & on the move

Dogs, cats, birds & co already enrich the homes of millions of senior citizens. There they provide an antidote against loneliness and boredom. And they’ve been proven to have a positive effect on health. Which animals are the most suitable as pets depends on individual needs and means.

Experts from Maxi Zoo help decide on an animal housemate. People with both legs planted firmly in working life often have little time for a house pet. The situation is different in old age – animal lovers acquire a pet then because they can devote their full time and attention to it. The daily duties bring a structure and variety to life and that keeps the owner fit in both body and soul.

The good thing about animals is they accept their owners as they are – it doesn’t matter in the slightest whether they are young or old. Basically, any animal would be suitable for seniors. In the end, it’s always a very personal decision, depending on preference and also state of health.

Fish are peaceful and unobtrusive. They are well suited to older people who like watching them and can recoup energy through this. Neon tetras, zebra fish, cardinals and guppies are easy to look after. Fish have many advantages, for example if the owner is on holiday or away for a few days, the fish don’t need constant attendance. First stop when looking for a pet is the animal sanctuary. For small animals, birds and fish, specialist pet shops are a good idea. But first of all, senior citizens should be absolutely clear who can take over caring for their pet in the event of illness, care dependency or even death.   Call into your local store today to discuss your pet’s personal needs with our Maxi Zoo Pet Experts