It doesn’t actually take much to make your cockatiel’s life with you extremely pleasant. Here we’ll tell you the best way to bring happiness to your beloved pet:


A place in the sun

You should give them the chance to enjoy a spot of sunbathing on the balcony or in the garden whenever you get the chance. It’s important that your pets aren’t left unsheltered in the strong rays of the sun, rather that they should be able to escape to a shady spot when they need to. Daylight lamps should be used in winter to imitate natural sunlight. Because the right dose of UV light is also extremely important for keeping your cockatiel contented.

At least one companion

Even those cockatiels that are happy to be handled by their owner, that mimic their whistles and voice, and have clearly developed a strong connection to “their” humans will still yearn for a companion of their own species. Because a human can never be a substitute for the company of another bird; they can only provide small comfort against complete isolation. If you want your cockatiel to be happy, you must keep at least two of them together.

A nice shower

Cockatiels originate from the dry regions of Australia. However, this does not mean that they don’t like water at all. On the contrary – rain is an absolute godsend for these birds in the wild and a lukewarm shower is a real treat in the care of their owners. Use a plastic spray bottle and lukewarm, de-scaled water to indulge your pets in a spa treatment.

A bowl of fresh seeds

Fresh seeds are like an energy drink for cockatiels. But they don’t just provide energy and fresh vitamins – crunching on seeds is lots of fun for cockatiels. This is why you should regularly allow your pets to munch on them, giving them a change from dry seeds.

Flying free every day

If your aviary is not exactly palatial, you will need to give your birds the chance to stretch their wings every day. You should allow your little ones to fly around freely for a couple of hours each day for this purpose. But only in a bird-safe environment and under supervision.

A nice big aviary

Cockatiels need space. As a general rule, if you are planning on keeping two birds in a cage, a minimum of 150 x 100 x 70 cm (W x D x H) is recommended. However, in simply fulfilling their minimum requirements, you will only keep your birds moderately satisfied at best. They need more than this to be happy – and that means a larger aviary. This means a minimum of 200 x 100 x 100 cm (W x D x H), but the bigger the aviary the better. Birds not only need enough room to flap their wings, but also to fly a short distance in order to truly feel at home in their environment.

Fruit, vegetables and green herbs

In their Australian homeland, cockatiels only get to enjoy fresh fruit, vegetables and herbs very occasionally. The dry land will only remain fertile for a short time after a downpour before it turns back into a dry, arid desert. This means cockatiels will appreciate it all the more if you are able to offer them fresh food on a regular basis. Their favourites include apples, pears, bananas and mangoes as well as any kind of berry. They will also gobble up thoroughly-washed organic salad, slices of pepper or cucumber and grated carrot. But you can also please your pets with a little bowl of cat grass, a pot of chickweed or some herbs freshly picked in untreated garden earth.

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