When mice fall ill

Mice are small but very robust little creatures which seldom become ill – but only when the cage hygiene, care and feeding are right. Those who keep tabs on their little rodents on a daily basis can tell very clearly whether everything’s OK with them. If mice appear apathetic, afflicted with rashes, or has diarrhoea you have to intervene and go to the vet.

Prevent diseases

It’s important with mice to prevent disease. You can do this with good cage hygiene. Change the litter regularly without fail and wash off bowls, drinking bottles, dens and toys thoroughly. Always remove decaying food promptly. Nutrition also plays a big part with mice. There has to be diversity! The feeding bowl must contain concentrated food and green fodder, fruit and vegetables and a little animal fare. To prevent deficiency symptoms, there are special preparations which you can add to their water. To keep the mice fit, it’s very important that they get ample exercise. A treadmill and a sufficiently large cage contribute to fitness.

Diarrhoea is chiefly caused by an infection. So viruses or bacteria could be behind it. With diarrhoea you must take your mouse to the vet in any case. If the mouse is infected, for example with salmonella, the vet will have to administer an antibiotic.

Colds and skin diseases

Mice can also catch colds if they’re exposed to damp or draughts. There is both a completely harmless as well as a highly contagious form of the common cold. Only the vet can clarify which. For this reason, even with coughs and sniffles, the vet should be called on immediately, before the animals can infect each other. Mice can also suffer from parasites and skin diseases. They can become infested with nits, lice, fleas or mites. A paraciticide can help in this case. Skin diseases are brought on mainly by mites. If the mice then start scratching themselves bloody areas, eczema or inflammation can form. Here again you have to go to the vet as your mouse will be suffering very badly from itching. With these diseases, every animal must always be treated and the cage must also be cleaned and freed from parasites.

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