Products & Accessories for Rabbits, Hamsters and other small pets

Small animals make for great pets for the whole family and we have everything you’ll need to look after them at Maxi Zoo. We carry over 8,000 products instore combined with advice you can trust from our skilled team to care for your pocket pets.

Food and Treats for small pets and animals

Small pets, such as gerbils, hamster, ferrets, rabbits and Guinea pigs don’t require as much attention as most other pets so they can be a great first pets for children, under the supervision of adults. Each small pet type has specific needs in terms of feed, treats and snacks. At Maxi Zoo, we carry a wide range of granules, nuggets and pellets specially developed for the health of your rabbits, hamsters and all small fur balls.

Small pets Accessories, Toys & More

Small pets can thrive is relatively small environments if they have the proper bedding and accessories. Create a comfortable home for your furry buddy with a roomie cage or habitat specifically adapted for their needs. Shop our extensive range of small pet habitat and accessories instore!

Advice & Tips for small pets

At Maxi Zoo, we have a highly qualified and fully trained team that are always available in our stores to provide the best advice and tips on your small pets’ nutrition, care and health. From dietary advice to habitat questions. We are here to help your pet, for every life stage and health level. For the best products, advice and discounts, visit your local store today and see our full range, including:

We are Ireland’s largest pet retailer and have all of your favourite brands in stock, including exclusive brands to Maxi Zoo