Playing is very important to keep velvet paws fit and healthy, as well as to give them something meaningful to do. But some house cats are real couch potatoes. If your pet only ever sleeps the day away, it’s time to get them moving. A great way to stimulate lazy felines’ interest is with a snack ball, which rewards your little tiger for playing with treats.

Snack balls

A snack ball is made of robust plastic with an opening that can be made larger or smaller as needed. Owners fill these with little treats, which serve as an incentive to play for cats; these small titbits fall out little by little when kitty rolls the ball across the floor. That’s certainly motivation to put paws and heads to good use!

To start with, leave the opening of the snack ball quite wide so that plenty of treats fall out and your pet is rewarded quickly. You can make the hole smaller later for more of a challenge.

Starting the game

Start the game together with your little tiger. Stimulate your cat’s interest by letting the new toy roll across the floor. Playful felines are sure to start chasing the ball and nudge it with their paws independently. Not-so-motivated cats usually also become just as quickly interested in the toy if you let it roll, leaving behind a small trail of treats. For lazy cats, be sure to use their favourite treat for even more of an incentive. If your pet would sell their soul for cheese treats, for example, then fill the ball with this delicacy.

Encourage your tabby

Be patient with cats that don’t grasp the snack ball system straight away. Some velvet paws catch on to how to get their treats out in a flash and others need a little longer. This doesn’t mean that they’re less intelligent, they are good at other things instead. Continue to encourage your pet to play with the ball and sooner or later the penny will drop. Always play together with your cat and don’t leave them to their own devices. Playing together is double the fun and you can motivate your feline friend with different ball games, each rewarded with a delicious snack. Just remember to only use small amounts of treats and to deduct these from their daily feed ration, otherwise your cat risks putting on weight, despite the new type of exercise.

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