Song Thrushes

Song Thrushes will grow to be about 23cm in length. They are slightly smaller than blackbirds but look similar to female blackbirds because of their brown plumage. They have dark brown feathers, with a white underside and a brownish red breast. Originally, the song Thrush was a forest bird but it then migrated to the greenbelts of towns a long time ago. They have a varied diet consisting of snails, worms, insects as well as many types of berries.

People are always happy to see the Speckle-breasted song Thrush in their garden. These birds are very popular because of their beautiful song. The song Thrush gets its name because it sings a large variety of songs and tunes which is definitely ‘music to our ears!’ This shy little bird is also the emblem of West Bromwich Albion Football Club. This is because in the public house where the team used to change for a match, the owners kept a pet song Thrush in a cage!


A song Thrush can be easily distinguished by its brown upper parts and white coloured, heavily spotted underside. The song Thrush is smaller than the Mistle Thrush. The two are often confused but song Thrushes, but song Thrushes have v-shaped spotting, a warmer tone to their plumage and a more friendly way about them. Male, females and their young all look similar except the young of the song Thrush have pale streaks on their backs.


Song Thrushes are known to nest where there are bushes and trees. They will normally construct their nest in woods, hedgerows, parks and gardens. They need somewhere that has moist, rich soil with earthworms and other food sources. The female bird will build a sturdy, bowl-shaped nest that is lined with mud. They will produce 2 or 3 broods a year with 3-6 blue eggs which incubate for 12-14 days. Both parents will feed their young but they will become independent after roughly a month.


Song Thrushes will eat worms, snails and insects whenever they are available, but in winter berries and fruit are their main food sources, as is the case with many birds. Earthworms form an important part of the song Thrushes diet and when they cannot reach the worms during the winter when the ground is hard. They will eat snails instead of worms because of this. The song thrush is a very shy bird, so are not easily spotted in your garden! To draw out a song Thrush to eat in your garden, you should leave food on the ground near to bushes and undergrowth where it has nested.

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